HOW TO Use Canva’s Mobile App to Create Professional-Looking Graphic Designs Fast

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You can never replace the skills and expertise of a professional graphic designer … but Canva comes pretty damn close. It’s a ridiculously easy to use drag-and-drop design tool for both professionals and people like me who don’t have the need (or knowledge required) to use more advanced graphic design software.

Canva originally launched as a website and recently released a fully featured mobile app for Android and iOS. Everything is created by dragging and dropping various elements which can be adjusted and customized to your liking, and with thousands of templates to choose from, you can create everything from posters and ads to YouTube thumbnails and social media covers, all from the palm of your hand.

Some of Canva’s most popular designs include posters, banner ads, Instagram posts, Pinterest posts, Twitter posts, infographics, wedding invitations, resumes, business cards, photo collages, and email headers. So it’s a powerful tool, but it’s actually really simple to use.

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