How to become a graphic designer without going to university

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2. The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst

Renowned typographer and poet Robert Bringhurst brings clarity to the art of typography with this masterful style guide, The Elements of Typographic Style.

Combining the practical, theoretical, and historical, this latest edition is completely updated, with a thorough exploration of the newest innovations in intelligent font technology, and is a must-have for graphic artists, editors, or anyone working with the printed page using digital or traditional methods.

Priced at £18.10 | Buy the Book

3. Logo: The Reference Guide To Symbols and Logotypes by Michael Evamy

Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes by Michael Evamy is a comprehensive guide to logo design and a compendium of some of the most iconic logotype designs throughout history.

It includes a vast collection of over 1,300 symbols and logotypes from the work of past masters, such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass, alongside some of the most exciting work from contemporary designers. Containing work submitted by over 150 design firms from across the world, everything is categorised into 75 fields according to their most distinctive visual features or characteristics.

Priced at £9.06 | Buy the Book

4. How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy

Graphic designers constantly complain that there is no career manual to guide them through the profession. Design consultant and writer Adrian Shaughnessy draws on a wealth of experience to provide just such a handbook. (Check out our Shillington talk with Adrian from last year too.)

Aimed at the independent-minded, How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul addresses the concerns of young designers who want to earn a living by doing expressive and meaningful work and avoid becoming a hired drone working on soulless projects.

It offers straight-talking advice on how to establish your design career and suggestions for running a successful business.

This revised, extended edition includes all-new chapters covering professional skills, the creative process, and global trends, including green issues, ethics and the rise of digital culture.

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