7 Graphic Design Trends to Know for 2018

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We are now well into 2018, and the illustration gurus predict that it is going to be another great yet challenging year for graphic designers.  Animations and micro-interactions will continue to dominate the mainstream and aesthetics will play a more critical role in the UX. However, this year is anticipated to be a game-changing year as the design industry is expected to go through numerous changes to inspire us even more. This means that designers should update themselves by formulating and strategizing new and innovative ideas to stay competitive.

There is no debate in saying that graphics designing is a skill that demands constant improvisation. The reason is that graphic designing is evolving at an incredible speed and the trends considered popular this year will be regarded as nothing but outdated in the next year. New features are being explored every day and there no option for designers then to keep up with the turmoil.

It is quite difficult to say which design trends will rule the future. However, we have done some research to anticipate trends coming to take over 2018.

1.Shadows and Depth

We will now see some exciting variations in the shadow effect. Adding elements of light, shadow, and depth into generic designs will not only help bridge that gap but will also give 2D models a more realistic, almost a 3D appearance. Web developers are asking the illustrators to create depth and combine vibrant color gradients to enhance three-dimensional effects as it is now a significant part of the UX.

Designers have previously been experimenting shadows and depths as an appropriate means to add more dimensions to the flat designs. Thanks to Google Material Design, it has introduced the use of synthesis and classic principles along with the innovation to create a visual language for users.

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