5 Types of Graphic Design Jobs

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Many people enjoy drawing and designing both by hand or using design software. In some cases, hobby graphic designers can develop their skills and increase their marketability to become professional graphic designers.


Perhaps one of the most important steps in turning a graphic design side-job into a full-fledged career is education. The technical and technological aspects of graphic design are constantly changing. This continuing evolution forces graphic designers to keep up with trends and developments.


Building a portfolio of successful projects is one of the main steps individuals should take in order to move to the next level. After building a portfolio, many graphic designers find it helpful to pursue an undergraduate degree.


Moving from a part-time graphic design hobby to a career requires education and professional skill development. Many graphic designers tend to focus on one type of design such as internet advertising, email marketing, user interface or logo and branding design. Having a wide swath of skills and knowledge can be the best way to move from amateur to professional.

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