5 reasons to use photography in your designs

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There are some times it makes sense to use photography.

When you need to decide between photography and illustration in your design work, sometimes the choice isn’t clear cut. Both have their pros and cons creatively; vary in the costs, time and resources required; and can also communicate your message in very different ways, whether abstract and conceptual, or realistic and literal.

To help you make the right decision, read on for our five reasons to choose photography over illustration for your next design project…

01. You’re looking for realism

An illustration of a juicy steak will never make your mouth water in the same way

Consider the ultimate goal of your design, and how you need to depict the central subject. If it’s realism and accuracy you’re after, then photography is usually the best course of action.

In editorial work, investigative photojournalism and news reporting is an obvious example where authenticity is essential. But it’s also important for brand imagery relating to food, for instance, where the goal is show mouth-watering produce to whet customers’ appetites; or for a sports brand that’s presenting a gritty, urban image.

If you’re trying to stimulate people’s wildest imaginations, visualise something abstract and intangible, or show them a stylised, interpretative version of reality, you probably want illustration. That said, an edgy and experimental photoshoot could also work wonders for these purposes – it all depends on your personal style.

02. You’re showing something specific

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