5 Graphic Design Rules Every Designer’s Must to Know

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To shed some light into the depths of understanding graphic design, here are five rules of thumb that every designer must to know and apply.

The term graphic design was conceived in 1922 by, then typographer, William Dwiggins. This means that graphic design, as an organized and recognized form of expression, has existed for almost a century. Despite that, many professional designers continue to miss the basics!

Graphic design is an art for, and art knows no limits. In fact, the very rule that “each rule can be broken if it suffices the end result” is what makes art, art. That said, graphic design is not the kind of art that gets hung in museums. Instead, it’s a genuine tool used by businesses and marketers to communicate their messages. Tools, as well all know, are to be created with great impetus on precision.

By looking at graphic designing as a tool for communication, you solve most of the problems graphic designers face – multiple revisions, vague briefs and shoddy payments. When you look at graphic design as a tool used for communicating messages crafted by clients/colleagues, you:

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