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This month’s trends have something in common: You’ve probably seen all of these ideas before, maybe just presented in a slightly different way. Designers are returning to dark backgrounds, large headers and cards to encourage engagement, and get users interested in content on the screen.

Here’s what’s trending in design this month:

1. Dark Backgrounds

It seems like designers were focusing on light, white minimal styles for a long time, but that era is starting to end. Dark backgrounds are making a comeback in a big way.

Dark backgrounds provide a design opportunity quite different from white

Maybe it’s the idea that cooler weather is coming. (Many of these dark backgrounds do have a cool feel.) Or maybe it’s just a shift in order to try something different. (Dark backgrounds provide a design opportunity quite different from white.)

Either way, it’s a trend that needs to stick around for a while.

Dark backgrounds can be used in so many different ways – and each presents an opportunity to create something in an entirely different way.

  • Black, flat background: A simple black background creates a wide open canvas. Denys LoveikoF uses a black background to set the tone for animated elements and clean white typography. It’s sharp and easy to engage with.
  • Dark color background: Atlanta Brewing Co. uses a dark background with blue tones to emphasize its brand color and highlight the bright product designs. What’s nice about a dark color is that it is a little softer than a flat black background.
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