10 emerging graphic design trends that will own 2018

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As 2017 comes to an end (where did the year go?), we start to look forward to the trends that will dictate 2018. We already spoke about UX and UI design and personalised T-shirts so now it’s time to go over graphic design.

Will millennial pink still reign supreme in 2018? Let’s take a look and see?

Keep it Geometric

Geometric design has been going on strong for a while now and our prediction is that it will continue in 2018 but with a slight change. Instead of seeing so many cards and polygons, we will start seeing smoother, more ‘wavy’ designs if you will.

Via How Design. The following is a great example of Geometry used in graphic design. It is a poster presented at the Winter 2015 In-House Design Awards by Courtney Windham and the category was Education.

Paint it with Bold Colours

Our prediction is that we will see more potent colours like Cherry Tomato and Lime Punch (we already see predictions for them in interior design and fashion) and less of the Millennial Pink which we can all agree on that has had its run.

Via Women Write about Comics. In the Blade Runner 2049 poster we see not only a very bright red but it also being contrasted with an intense blue, making for a very strong visual.

Double Exposure is Still Going Strong

Made popular in album covers and movie posters, double exposure has a very good-looking end result and it’s, surprisingly, not that hard to pull off.

Via Colossal. Thanks to double exposure, the artist Andreas Lie was able to portray a wolf and the habitat he lives in the same picture.

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